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Beat The Heat With Amazing Ice Cream Van Hire Services

With the onset of summer, the demand for ice creams and other cold treats rockets sky high. People of all ages alike want to taste their favourite flavours which are extremely refreshing on a hot summer’s day. If you are planning to conduct an event in the summer time then make sure that there is a proper arrangement done for ice cream and other treats to make sure that customers are not disappointed because there will be a large variety of people who will be expecting ice cream. Ice cream van hire services from Hampshire Ices are the perfect solution for your event in Surrey. When it comes to serving the best ice creams, Hampshire Ices has done it constantly over the past years and therefore have a great reputation in the market.

ice cream van hire in summer
Some of the best flavours from Hampshire Ices that can delight your guest in an event are –

• Caramel fudge in clotted cream

• Honey comb

• Mr. Whippy

• Gluten free sorbets

• Honey and stem ginger

While these are some of the top flavours there are lots of others too which customers will be interested into enjoy the summer season. While many people may think that such an arrangement may harm the environment due to the emissions of the ice cream van, we assure you that each of our vans are environment friendly and does not add negatively to the environment. If you have staged a theme for the event and want the ice cream van to be designed accordingly then we can also make it possible. We have vintage ice creams vans that you can hire so as to enhance the look of the entire event and at the same time make sure that there is similarity with the theme of the party. For your events look no further and get in touch with us right away so as to get the best ice creams served at your event.