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Ice Cream Vans For Your Vintage Themed Party

People these days want to stand out from the crowd and be unique in everything they do. Parties or celebrations are no longer planned in the way they were done a decade back. Various event planners in the business have come up with different types of themes that will make the party grab attention and create a stir among the visitors. Starting from the venue, ambience and also the ice cream van is planned in accordance with the theme that is being planned. Vintage theme is one of the most popular styles that are being taken up by various people for their parties. Some of the things that are incorporated at a vintage theme party are listed below-

  • Design the invitation card with a vintage look
  • Location- parks, beaches, art gallery and museums. Some places are for hire for such events
  • Vintage photo booth, board games are retro in style
  • Fashion preference. A dress code for the invitees should be from a given era
  • Food and beverage. Catering should have a vintage touch to it. Vintage ice cream vans can add to the style and substantiate the theme

Such a vintage theme will stay long in the memory of those who will attend the event. Getting a vintage ice cream van for hire is now easier with Hampshire Ices. We specialise in providing the most appropriate ice cream for any event. Our mobile ice cream vans have a wide variety of flavours such as – Honey comb, Black currants, Mr. Whippy and various other popular flavours and combinations. Our eco friendly vans are available for service in Hampshire and have a considerable reputation in providing top quality ice creams. Desserts such as ice creams from Hampshire Ices will make sure that the guests leave happily after having a delicious full course meal at your party!