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Ice Creams: The Most Loved Frozen Dessert By All

When you talk about desserts, ice creams comfortably tops the menu card. Be it an adult or a child, it is difficult to find someone who is not in love with ice cream. Ice cream or frozen desserts are made of dairy product and sugar. Sometimes some other sweeteners are also used. Coloring agent is also common while preparing ice creams. A quick sight of ice cream vans not only makes children excited, but also brings out the child in an adult. Today, ice cream vans for hire are also available. They can be hired for birthday parties, weddings or any other event. For party planners, it is very crucial to keep ice-cream vans for hire at bay.

ice cream flavours

Ice creams come in various flavors. From chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, fruits and nuts to almond, butter scotch, cherry, mango, orange, black currant, pineapple and cocoa, the list is never ending. Vanilla is the most consumed ice cream. They cover at least 30% of the total market share. They are also used in milk shakes, pies, sundaes and banana split.

With summers upcoming, there is a significant rise in the sale of the ice creams. They instantly cool you down and make your palate rich with flavors. Ice creams can also be served with fruits and it becomes a healthy option for kids.

Home-made ice creams can be extremely popular for dinner parties for small groups. Learn the process by following the below mentioned tips:

Ice creams can be made at home at a very reasonable cost. You can use sugar or any other sweetener, along with milk and cream and you may add flavoring and coloring agents for better taste as well. Stir the mixture in a zip bag. Place the zip bag in another large zip bag with ice and salt. Keep the mixture there for some time. Remove the small back when hardened. This is how you may make ice cream at home. Modern invention of an ice cream maker has made life much easier for the ones who like to treat their guests with home-made ice-cream.

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