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It Was The Summer of ’76…

Extremely hot and prolonged summer along with ice cream vans is something that every person in the UK remembers from the year 1976. It was one such year when there were long heat waves and temperatures soared highest. An ice cream van outside the home in such a situation was truly a welcome treat for all. Wall to Wall television, known as one of the most popular production houses for numerous TV shows in the country, came up with the idea of a show named- “Back in time for dinner”.

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The primary idea of the show was a time travelling adventure taken up by a family to discover the way post-war revolution in the food we eat transformed the way we live. The long hot summer of 1976 was aptly recreated in the show with vintage ice cream vans for hire which was symbolic of that period. As apt the recreation of the period TV show feels, there has been an ever increasing demand of such vans in the market by numerous customers. Keeping in mind the marketing perspective, Hampshire Ices introduced such vans in the market to supply ice creams which are a treat to the taste buds.

Further exciting is the fact that these vans also offer vintage ice creams which are reminiscent of 1976. The popular red arrow lollies and such variants along with the no organic gelato are one of the prime attractions when it comes to such vintage ice cream vans. Having said that, the demand for these vans are always on the rise as people want these old-school charms to their memorable events to further add a dash of uniqueness to it. If you are looking to get such vans, Hampshire Ices in Surrey is just the right option for you to choose. We offer classic ice cream flavours along with some lip-smacking tastes such as caramel fudge, honey comb, and black currants. Your event is served with great ice creams and we take pride in being called to serve “delight on wheels”. Reach out to us today!